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It was Christmas Eve again. In the drunk tank…

Christmas time… Mistletoe and, if the rumours are to be believed, also wine. A big guy in red is gonna break into your house and leave stuff there. And you’re going to be pleased about it. Christmas is weird, is

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A word on lead times

Hello hello! (Hello.) It’s all gone a bit Lionel Richie… So, how long will your comics take to print? Good question. Here’s something of an answer. It’s generalised, of course, so don’t take it as gospel. There are some caveats

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Office Closure: June 11th – 30th

Afternoon all, all afternoon, A little advance warning for those working towards a mid-June deadline: the office will be closed from 3pm June 11th until 10am June 30th 2015. For mysterious reasons. Reasons you couldn’t begin to fathom. TERRIFYING REASONS.

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The Art of Crowdfunding (Part 1): Planning

Over the next couple of posts, with the help of some of our lovely customers, we’re going to be taking a look at crowdfunding your comic. We’ve briefly touched on the benefits of kickstarter to creators before now, but in

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