At Comic Printing UK we know that our company stands or falls on how happy you are with our service and our comic book printing. We know that you’ve spent weeks, months or years getting your comic written, drawn, inked and into print, and that makes it very important to you.

We think it should be just as important to the printer as it is to the creator, and that’s how we go about our business. Comic printing isn’t throwaway, and it’s not something that can be treated in the same way as any other printing job. It’s the final step in a long process for the writers and artists that have put so much into their comics, and it deserves to be treated that way.

Lucky for us, some of our lovely customers agreed to write reviews for us. Isn’t that nice? You can see what people say about us! Here! How convenient!

Rich at Comics Printing UK is a scholar and a gentleman! Comics Printing UK offer a fast, friendly, professional service, which make what is normally a stressful process, not a stressful process. I highly recommend them. Thus this recommendation.

Mike Garley, Editor – Dead Roots, Writer – The Kill Screen

Mike does a tonne of interesting stuff besides the zombie anthology Dead Roots that we produced for him. Check out his work at


Not only do Comic Printing UK produce the most beautiful books with covers soft as a politicians hand, but they are absurdly kind and helpful. Rich not only answers all my ridiculous luddite questions with huge patience, but he bends over backwards to meet my absurd deadlines, even chasing up a delivery in the middle of his STAG WEEKEND.

Everyone I know who uses them has similar stories. I can’t recommend them enough

Danny Noble, Creator – Was it… Too Much For You?, Monday Morning.

Danny has had a lot of very enthusiastic coverage from our good friends over at Broken Frontier and was named as one of their Six Small Press Creators to Watch in 2015. We also love her and find her obsession with perpetually nude Oliver Reed & Alan Bates endearing rather than terrifying. Follow Danny on twitter here – you won’t regret it, she’s dead funny.


I’ve used a lot of printers, in the UK and abroad, good and bad, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Comic Printing UK. Rich couldn’t be more helpful, the price was excellent, and the final product looked great. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

John Allison, Creator – Bad Machinery, Scary Go Round series

You definitely know John’s stuff. You must do – he’s one of the most well-known and well-respected indie creators operating today. If, for some reason, you’re not up to speed we recommend you remedy that here. Now.


Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a comics printer I always tell them to go to Rich and Comics Printing UK. Not only is the customer service brilliant and speedy, but the finished product always looks absolutely perfect. I have been working in publishing for 13 years the quality of the books produced is as good as I’ve ever seen. I have printing comics and graphic novels with CPUK and they all look fantastic. I can’t wait to use Comics Printing UK again.

Ned Hartley, Creator – Heartless Comics (inc. PUNCHFACE!)

Ned is a thoroughly good egg and much beloved. He’s also the creator of, among other things, PUNCHFACE! Which is by far the best comic about face punching ever created. Which is saying something. (Seriously, it’s hilarious – go see.)


I came to CPUK with my first comic project but I didn’t have a clue about the printing process. Seriously, I didn’t even know
what a bleeds were. But looking at the finished book you wouldn’t have guessed and it’s all down to Rich. He talked me through all aspects of the process with class and patience making the entire thing completely painless.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that CPUK are truly the AJ Styles of printing comics – they can make anyone look good.

John (Jed) McPherson – Writer of comics and the most pleasing review references ever.

OK, so I’m a little bit excited because a comparison to The Phenomenal One is the sort of thing that pleases me. But more importantly, John writes one heck of a thriller, and works with some exceptional artists to realise the vision in a fun & innovative way. You should go check out his book right here.

Comic Printing UK is simply the best printing option we have come across in the UK. Quick professional, high quality services at a fair price are hard to come by, but what really separates them is how reliable they are. The fact that we have only used Comic Printing UK for the last 2.5 years is testament in itself.

Neil Gibson, Manager – TPub

Visit T-Publications here


Comic Printing UK is without a doubt the best place in the UK to have your comics printed. Offering a level of support that few can match and technical expertise to deliver exceptional results, these are people that love comics, helping creators to publish to the highest professional standard.

Helpful, flexible and reliable, in a pinch I’d trust Comic Printing UK’s recommendations on everything from the paper stock to the finish on the cover, because their experience in the field is unrivalled in the UK. 100% recommended.

P M Buchan – Author, PR Executive, comic-book writer.

Bucky specialises in… Bucky doesn’t specialise. He does all things with equal gusto. The connecting thread is usually profanity & perversity. You’ve already clicked on this link. We know you have.


Rich consistently provides outstanding printed work, adding substantial value to projects. With low prices, excellent customer service skills and quick turnaround times, he provides the level of security necessary for both comic work and corporate printing. I constantly recommend him to friends and colleagues, and fully intend to work with Rich on all future projects.

Robin Hoelzemann, Creator – Curia Regis

Go read Curia Regis


Comic Printing UK is our first call when we need a quote and most often our last. Rich knows his stuff and always provides us with exactly what we want. He has also always met our, sometimes frankly ridiculous, deadlines and has gone above and beyond to ensure we get our books on time. On top all of this expertise and commitment, Comic Printing UK is the most affordable service we’ve yet encountered. We always bring our work to Rich and tell others to do so too. We hope to work with him for many years to come.

Great Beast Comics

Go buy everything these guys publish. They have exceptional taste.


I’ve been self-publishing for a few years now with all the trials and pitfalls and mistakes PURE STUPID IGNORANT MISTAKES that you go through doing so, and had been fairly resigned to the fact that comics artists and printers are more than occasionally from different planets when it comes to trying to communicate. Not the case here- one of the reasons I do recommend comicprinting is just simply because you can ring up and have a chat with them about your request. And then, they’ll carefully [as you would with small explosive animals and eggs on walltops] go though what might be a less insane/less expensive/better looking/less fussy but same effect/a basic example of what you can do- with you. It’s this peculiar helpfulness which has made them my top recommend for new self publishers, because you’ll go away from the initial conversation thoughtful rather than widdling yourself from jargon and wondering if you’ve done something wrong and will get charged for it. To boot, the books they then go on make for you are SEXY. [I’m painfully fussy about print, and they make me happy.]
I usually use litho simply because the quality is still a bit of a standard higher than digital, but comicprintng’s new digital printer has actually closed that gap, and I’d recommend it for short run colour printing. [This way, unlike me, you’ll be able to order a sane amount of books for a small living space, rather than turn you box room, into exactly as it is named, a room, solidly full of boxes with a small bed cowering in the middle.]

Oh, and if you’ve got some really crazy ideas, try them. They MIGHT not say no if you’re interesting enough. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Check out the tumblr


After working with Comic Printing UK for several years, I can honestly say that the only thing better than their quality of printing is their customer service. I have printed several books of various print runs and found that both the colour and black & white printing are outstanding. They go above and beyond to ensure that the job gets done right.

Mike Medaglia

Creator – Seasons
Editor – Wu Wei – A Spiritual Comics Anthology

Visit Mike’s site for more comics goodness.


I’ve used Comic Printing UK for two or three years now and have never once been let down. The books always look amazing and anytime I’ve been un-sure of what I need, Rich has been on hand to guide me. I have always known Rich to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his clients get the best product possible and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him every single time. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Rob Cureton – Creator, Orful Comics

Rob makes a dead funny diary comic which you should go read immediately.


After Rich printed my first book, I didn’t hesitate to go to him for the next one, and the next, and the next..! I heartily recommend the quality, speed and prices provided. Readers are constantly complimenting the print quality, and I’d have to agree with them- I had no idea what a difference a great printer could make until I started using Comic Printing UK.

Kate Ashwin – Creator, Widdershins, Darken

If you don’t like funny adventure comics set in a magical 1830s English town then we don’t want to know you. If you do, you should go read Widdershins rather than wasting your time here.


After having printed thousands of copies of graphic novels as well as limited runs with Comic Printing UK, I can honestly say they are second to none for comic printing! Every experience was a joy and their customer service is incredibly dedicated to get you the best result, no matter if you’re printing 100 comics or 3,000!

Nicolas Rossert. Editor & Director, Sloth Comics

Sloth Comics is another awesome little publishing house, with a great eye for unusual comics. Check them out here


As a newcomer to making comics and the mind boggling requirements of self publishing, I am thankful for the excellent experience I have had with Comics Printing Uk. Like their name, they do everything it says on the packet…and more. I knew of their work because I had purchased “Twisted Dark” and “Wu Wei”, two totally different genres but both with Comics Printing UK production. The elegant, inviting professional finish immediately made me want to order whatever they were having. The tariff was presented to me clearly and at a surprisingly lower cost than I had anticipated. Rich responded to each of my emails within 24 hours and was always friendly and happy to answer whatever pernickety questions I had about jpegs, pixels etc. The whole idea of publishing started off a daunting prospect but now I’m excited by the prospect of ‘making’ another one. And may I add, a major publisher stopped by our table at Thought Bubble and wanted to know who printed my comic.
Do yourself a favour and gift yourself a print run with these guys. Because your comic deserves it!

Jessica Martin – Writer/Artist, It Girl

Check out Jessica’s comic It Girl here.

We tried out loads of printers before we found Rich – now he’s the first person we call, and pretty much always turns out to be the most competitive on price. But it’s not just that – print, materials and production quality are always outstanding, he’ll do all he can (and often more) to meet even the most stupid deadline, and he’s always willing to provide ideas and advice on how to make each project even better. Along with Rich’s sheer passion for what he does, we’ve not found anyone else who can match the service he provides. We can’t recommend Rich highly enough, and look forward to working with him for many years to come!

Dave White – Director, Avery Hill Press

Yet another independent publishing house (bet you didn’t know there were so many!) with a range of beautiful, off-beat comics. Check them out here


We’ve printed 3 books with Comic Printing UK now and have had a brilliant experience. It’s great to work with someone that understands, and loves the medium.

Print and paper quality have been excellent, Hitsville’s psychedelic stylings need something that really makes the colours pop! The print job even gets picked up in reviews ‘Credit … for the print job, lovingly done with crisp matt colouring. All the better for Riordan’s absolute insanity to spread over the pages…’ Forbidden Planet International Blog. Service has been good too with Rich getting us to the Expo on time.

Dan Cox and John Riordan – Creators, Hitsville UK

These guys publish through Great Beast (who you’ll have seen above). Do have a look at that review linked above, by the way – it’s hilarious! Once you’re done reading go pick up the first two issues of Hitsville here.


I highly recommend using Comic Printing UK. Actually, they are the only printing service that I use, and have been using for the last two years. They are extremely reliable, honest and price competitive as well as being able to print of very high quality. Their start to end process is also greatly personal; I would never consider going anywhere else. Thank you for your amazing service!

Zarina Liew – Fashion Illustrator & Manga Artist, Cobalt Cafe


As first-time comics creators we were, admittedly, out of our depth with the technical side of things. We didn’t know anything about bleeds, gsms or what binding we should opt for. We were ambitious but ill-informed.

Yet, like some kind of giant adoptive bird, with a knack for quick replies, Rich was there to regurgitate his vast comics knowledge into manageable chunks and help us through the fledgling stages of printing. Instead of becoming belligerent after two emails (like some printers we’ve contacted) Rich was all about the quality of the comic rather than making money fast. Frankly, if you use anyone else for printing you’re a bit thick.

Josh Moorby and Sarah Docker – Creators, 3 Parts Mad, (who, we are reliably informed, can be followed on that Twitter here and why would you not follow them, eh? Click the clicky thing!


10 comments on “Reviews
  1. Rich at Comic Printing UK is my go to guy for an affordable and caring print service. He knows his stuff really well and can advise on any issues with printing avoiding problems before they happen. I plan to keep using him for all my upcoming Tempo Lush comics!

  2. Aroha Rangi says:

    Rich is everything that other reviewers have said – professional, reliable, lovely to work with – as well as a man that delivers exceptionally high quality services at a fair price. He was recommended to us and we are happily recommending him to others.

    Thanks again Rich for all your great work!

  3. Sam Read says:

    Having been recommended comicprintinguk by a fellow indie comic creator I couldn’t be more happy with the service after my own experience.

    Excellent communication, top knowledge in recommending stock, and a turn around from contact-to-completion of literally half the time of those printers I’ve used previously.

    Fully intend to use these guys for producing my future work based on the experience.

  4. Matt Hardy says:

    Highly recommended. Top notch production values – nailed the professional look we wanted – the glossy cover alone sold half our initial print-run. Biggest thank you goes to Rich for his endless patience. We had tons of newbie questions – paper thickness, colour, format – cheers for the template and demo copies! – and for suffering constant re-quotes as I kept adding pages!! – mainly thanks for holding our hands through the whole process. Issue 2 is almost done!

  5. J T says:

    Even though I didn’t directly purchase through Comic Printing due to an extremely tight and short noticed deadline – I called and requested help with what I was looking for, I was stunned when a very kind man named Rich gave me the best advice and knowledge of comic books out there.

    I made my purchase through a printing store near by office with the exact spec advised to me and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great feeling to know that someone just wanted to give advise about a topic they happen to be an expert on. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  6. Thanks Rich for excellent service, you really helped me which I was very greatful as I was a first time publisher and didn’t really know the ins and outs.

  7. John Tyson says:

    It was my first time getting something printed, so naturally I had a LOT of questions but Rich was always happy to answer any questions and give guidance. Superb service for anyone just starting out and great quality on the finished piece!

  8. dave stacey says:

    this comany helped me out so much, i just printed my first art book with them, and they were happy to answer any qustions or explain anything i didnt understand. so happy to have chosen comic printing uk!

  9. Rachael says:

    I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Rich at Comic Printing UK!

    Patient and helpful communication throughout the whole process, extremely reasonable pricing and a super professional looking comic book.

    I’ll definitely be using Comic Printing UK for my next comic!

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