FAO Existing Customers – Changes to 120GSM Uncoated UPDATED

Hello existing customers! You’re looking great. Have you lost weight or something? Got a new haircut? It suits you. Very spiffy.

As you know, a lot of the interior pages of comics we print are on a 120GSM Uncoated paper. It’s got a nice texture, doesn’t show through. It’s really quite something.

Except now it’s really quite something very slightly different. The paper supplier we use has changed the way that they mill it ever so slightly, dropping the caliper (that’s bulk to me and you) a little. It’s now closer to a 115GSM, which alters spine widths and that sort of thing. It’s really quite annoying, to be honest. The paper is still very high quality, prints evenly and beautifully as always, and is fit for purpose – the loss in bulk is only noticeable when you’re trying to fit a spine on it.

This only affects digital print runs. If you’re printing a litho quantity nothing has changed.

We’re looking into options. If we can’t find a 120GSM Uncoated with the same quality as before at a similar price then we’ll be sticking with the new version, since it’s still generally higher quality. We do, however, have a potential runner that we’re in the middle of testing – we’ll update y’all when we’re back in the new year.

UPDATE 16.01.2015

Hello all. Welcome back to the new year.

We’ve decided to do two things. We’re getting in a new type of 120GSM, which matches the old type pretty much exactly, but we’re also keeping the 115GSM, as some people like it a bit thinner.

We’re also looking into offering 80GSM uncoated on digital, since we’ve possibly found one that won’t show through when printed. If that works out we’ll be able to offer comics that sit even flatter than our current flattest sitting comics (which, if I do say so myself, sit pretty darned flat).

Aaaannnddd… you’re up to date.

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